Domestic Abuse

In law, domestic abuse covers more than physical violence. Individuals can suffer emotional abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse or financial abuse.

It can be very difficult to talk about these things but we are experienced in helping victims towards a safer future.

If you think you are being subjected to abuse please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with one of our approachable and sympathetic family law solicitors.

Remember that what you say to us will not be repeated to anyone else unless you agree to that.

If your situation is serious we can help you to go to court and obtain an ‘injunction’ that will ensure that if you are abused again the person causing you suffering can be arrested. The court can give you a non-molestation order, sometimes called an ‘injunction’. This document will list things that the person who has abused you cannot do. Sometimes the court will forbid an abuser from entering your house, from telephoning you, from sending you messages or instructing another to do so.

If you have been told that someone has obtained an injunction against you please come to see us so that we can give you advice.

Your family lawyer at BBNM Law will be sympathetic and approachable. We can help you through even the most difficult and personal problems.

You can talk to us in confidence. we won’t ask you for personal information unless we need it to help you in your case.

We have a strict privacy policy. If we think it will be necessary to share your details with anyone else we will advise you about that before we pass on the information.

Upset woman holding her head, domestic abuse

What our clients say...

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