Couples often choose to live together rather than get married. If you are cohabiting or thinking about living with your partner, it is important to remember that English law does not recognise cohabitation in the same way as marriage.

Agreements between couples who live together, whether written or not, do not have legal standing. Despite this, our courts are becoming more open to looking at cohabitation agreements when the assets of a couple who have lived together are in dispute. If you have a cohabitation agreement the process can be much more straight forward than without.

Our family law solicitors can help you to ensure that if your relationship breaks down you and your partner will have a well-written cohabitation agreement to rely on.

Get in touch if you are already cohabiting so that we can consider whether you and your partner should have a cohabitation agreement.

Talk to us if your relationship has broken down and you need some help to understand your legal position in respect of your assets.

Make an appointment with our family lawyers for a quick chat even if you’re not sure that you and your partner need a cohabitation agreement.

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