Separation Agreement

Separation agreements can be used as an alternative to divorce.

If you and your partner have decided that you can no longer live together but you don’t want a divorce, a separation agreement can set out the terms by which you will each live as an individual.

Separation agreements do not have the same legal status as a divorce or financial order but they can be useful for couples who want to remain on good terms and they can be persuasive before a court.

If, in due course, you decide that you do want to get divorced the fact that you already have a separation agreement can make the divorce process less stressful.

Come to see us if you think a separation agreement might be useful to sort out future arrangements for your children.

Make an appointment with our family law solicitors to discuss how a separation agreement might assist you and your ex-partner to sort out your finances, your property and any other assets.

Separation agreement contract, signature

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