The financial consequences of separation or divorce can be the most difficult to manage.

Individuals suffering the emotional stress that the end of a relationship brings can make them vulnerable to agreeing to a financial settlement that they regret for years to come. Not dealing with financial issues at the divorce stage can be disastrous and can come back to bite you years later when you least need or expect it.  

Our family lawyers will work with you to ensure you get it right at the outset. If you have children, their financial security is a priority.

Make an appointment so our family law solicitors can explain the process in terms you will understand from the start.

Call us if you have received a letter asking you to provide your financial details to a lawyer representing your former spouse or partner.

The court has developed its processes to try to make them more simple but for people already upset because their relationship has broken down, it is still easy to get things wrong. Making the wrong decision at an early stage can have long-term consequences. Don’t let this happen! 

Come and talk to us, we are sure you will feel better once the process has been explained. A problem shared can be a problem halved and we aim to ensure that you reach a financial settlement as soon as possible so that you can move on in your life.

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