Social Services Intervention

Finding a social worker at your door can be an upsetting and frightening experience. We can guide you through the entire process if this happens.

Each local authority in England and Wales employs social workers to make sure that the children living in their area are not at risk of harm.

People who work with children, in school for example, at a hospital or at a doctor’s surgery, will report any worries they have about a child so that a social worker can visit the family to find out more. These reports are called ‘referrals’ and the law says that social workers must investigate and record every single one.

In most cases, social workers will simply ensure that the children of the family are safe and well cared for. They might make another visit but then their file will be closed and parents will hear nothing further.

Remember, save in the most extreme cases where the police will also be involved, nobody can remove your child from your care without your consent.

Please call us without delay if social workers express concerns about the way your children are being cared for.

Our family law solicitors have years of experience and they are recognised by the Law Society as among the best in the country at representing parents and children when local authorities are involved. 

Representation is not limited to those living near to our Redcar or Middlesbrough offices. Our family lawyers can assist you and represent you at meetings with your local authority and at court.

Get in touch if you don’t understand the jargon in documents you receive from social workers.

Make an appointment if you have concerns about planning for your unborn baby.

Talk to us in confidence and without delay if social workers suggest that your child should be moved to foster care.

Come and see us if your grandchild, niece, nephew or other family member has been removed from the care of their parents and you are thinking about offering to look after them.

Legal Aid is available to help many clients when social workers are involved with their children. 

If we can’t get Legal Aid for you, we will explain our fees in advance and work to find a solution that you can afford so that you can make good decisions about the future care of your children. 

BBNM Law believes that it is important that legal advice is available to everyone facing serious problems.

Talk to us about any fees you might need to pay so that you don’t need to worry about them and you can concentrate on your family. 

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